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20 November 2017

Hi Sluts

The Play Party at the wonderful House du Croix yesterday was a great success. Everyone had a ball, Mistresses and Subs alike. I love strapon play and so it was a delight to have a number of subs to use and abuse – I even surprised myself with some very athletic face-fucking when presented with a filthy little slut of a cheerleader!

It was a great atmosphere and a joy to domme with three exceptional Mistresses: Mistress Vex, Mistress Lolita and Mistress Melia. And many thanks to our subs too for being such good sports and such a lot of fun to play with, especially after downing a couple of shots of Prosecco!

We’re planning a Christmas Play Party this December, so if you’re interested, get in touch with me by email themistresssilver@gmail.com or phone 07810178655 or just watch this space! 

Meanwhile here is a picture of me drawn by one of yesterday’s victims: a gifted little slut and a very talented artist…



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Posted on 20th November 2017


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