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June 2018

So sluts, slaves and sissies

I trust you are all enjoying the sunshine. What a glorious summer! I have been back and forth to Ireland since April after meeting a fellow dominatrix and tantric masseur on my Kambo training in the Amazon. Who would have thought it - out of ten students, two goddesses!

I've been having a wonderful time in Ireland where I have sessioned with lots of fantastic subs, for many of whom domination was a new experience. I have also been learning a lot about Tantra and Taoism as well as exploring the breathtaking countryside, caves and beaches of County Sligo. I'll be back there between 27th June and 15th July, so to any subs who are reading this and want to session with me on the Emerald Isle, get in touch.

To my regular and potential subs in the UK, keep an eye on my webste or my Twitter feed to see where I am. You'll have to keep on your toes and catch me when you can!

UK - Bristol: 12th June to 25th June

Ireland: 27th June to 14th July

So until we meet in the dungeon dark, enjoy the sunshine and stay kinky...

Mistress Silver


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Posted on 12th June 2018


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