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21st April 2017

Dear Subs,Sissies and Slaves

Well, it's April already and I love the longer days, the blue skies, the trees returning to leaf. Now I can hang my washing out to dry, I am also enjoying scandalising the neighbours - what, I wonder, are they thinking as their eyes alight on my red rubber suspender belt swinging in the breeze!

It's been a great year in the Dungeon so far and I've been lucky to play with some wonderful subs - and other dommes - and to have the privilege of building relationships over time with returning submissives. Obviously at the House du Croix where I am resident Mistress on a Sunday, I sometimes have to be spontaneous as people just walk in for a session. But I do like to have the opportunity to plan a session. If I have seen someone before, then I refer to my Grimoire - which is kept in a very safe place and is very discreet (no identifying features!) - to remind myself what we did in previous sessions, what worked and what didn't, and any fantasies they have or I have that would be fun to explore in the future.

I've had some wonderful sessions with a very willing sissyslut who I treated to a triple domme session with Madame Fury and Madame Diabolica and for whom I acquired an ejaculating dildo as well as nettles and new underwear! Well, the dildo wasn't particularly graceful if I'm honest, but we all enjoyed seeing our little sissyslut with cum on his face! He's a real chatterbox, so I'm going to introduce the gag at our next session, perhaps with some filthy pants or stockings. Another session I enjoyed was preparing lunch for a trussed-up slave which he had to eat off the floor after some electrics, nipple and tongue clamping and some cock and ball torture utilising a riding crop. I like my subs to writhe loudly when doing bastinado, spanking, paddling and caning, so it pleased me greatly to watch another sub trying to escape his restraints – before I let him loose and engaged him in some forced bi. I denied him the pleasure of seeing it through to the end, of course. His disappointment was palpable!

Outside the Dungeon, one of the highlights of the year so far was going on an Ayahuasca retreat with my best friend during which I lost my mind and found it again! Well, even Mistresses have to push their limits sometimes and surrender...

Don't forget to check out my Members Only area where I will be posting exclusive content. If any of you love ballbusting and want to be on film, then do contact me. And better yet, book a session with me. I am happy to travel with sufficient notice.

Kinky regards,

Mistress Silver

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Posted on 22nd April 2017


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