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July 2017

I need to record the excellent recent hour I spent in the company of Mistress Silver. I don't consider myself a typical submissive. My area of interest involves being struck forcefully to the testicles.

I contacted M.S as I noted she highlighted she had an interest in Ballbusting. In my experience, many doms list such activities within their 'likes' however it is important to administer this practice with genuine enthusiasm as well as precision and thought, something few seem to be able to do however my session with M.S proved memorable for all the right reasons.

I met for the 1st time with M.S at the agreed location in Worcester. Excellent and courteous communication was experienced from the outset through to the liaison.

Apologies in advance if this sounds a little base but I need to explain in my frank and honest terms how I found M.S in terms of her presence, physique, and attitude. She is in my opinion un-dom like to the eye. She is calm, considerate and pleasant. .. surroundings and attire aside I might have been meeting with my accountant or solicitor. ... M.S has evidentiary been well educated, she is well spoken and judging by her various social media entries is also well read. …Then suddenly, whack!.....my 1st well placed front snap kick to my exposed testicles. I was slightly unprepared for it and I was quickly focused on what lay ahead. M.S has a beautifully feminine, slim and relatively petite physique, she has a background in ballet therefore it is understandable how she can kick with precision and power, no muscle-bound thighs to lift, just a svelte leg which was raised with speed and effortlessly found its target resulting with me doubling up in acute pain and the realisation I was in for a painful, frightening but memorable hour. I don't feel it relevant to rein act in this review the full content of our session, but I’ve not experienced such professionalism in previous encounters with other doms. I received a variety of knee strikes, kicks and punches which at times were hellish in their ferocity however this wasn't a relentless assault, time was taken in this intimate power exchange. I was being monitored / sized up as I was slowly being introduced to deeper pain via well executed and timely strikes. There were intervals where I had time to regain some sense of recovery, but this was short lived and I would once again be subject to a brutal punch, kick or knee (sometimes bare foot, sometimes with a heeled boot.) At one point, I was felled with an excellently placed uppercut style punch, this ensured I stayed in the foetal position for what was probably at least 5 or 6 minutes. I looked up to watch M.S taking a seductive drag of her cigarette, then kneeling beside me to blow several more exhales into my face and mouth. Her smoking style is elegant, she most certainly understands the affects her sensual poise has, the smoking enhanced the occasion. I was at the mercy of this articulate and uniquely attractive woman who was incredibly vicious yet controlled and was in total control of me and the painfully beautiful situation she had created for us.

My bruised and battered testicles were raging and felt heated as I left, my mind now slowly adjusting back from the tortures of that 1st hour or so where I felt a combination of pain, vulnerability, danger yet intense arousal. 


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Posted on 10th August 2017


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