An Excruciating Wait - Testimonial by Slave N.

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12 September 2017

I had the great fortune of seeing Mistress Silver's site via a Midlands twitter. Straight away I was drawn to her beauty and amazing body so I made the call hoping for a session. Thankfully Mistress Silver was available.

I arrived at House Ducroix and it was easy to find. Parking was very simple and discrete. I rang the bell as instructed and my heart missed a beat when I heard the high heels walking towards the door. Upon answering I was blown away by Mistress Silver's beauty. She was dressed exactly as I had begged in thigh boots and pvc top. She allowed me a comfort break and then pointed me towards a reception room where I was to greet her properly.

Upon entering the room Mistress Silver was sat with her legs crossed. She beckoned me towards her where I was ordered to kneel and kiss and lick her boots. We then discussed the fantasy I had been permitted to send to Miss. I was told to proceed to the playroom where I was to lie on the floor and put myself into a body bag that was in the middle of the room. I did as instructed and awaited the Goddess.

This wait was excruciating but exciting at the same time. I heard the amazing sound of heels walking down the corridor and Mistress Silver came into the room in all her glory. From then on I was hers. The room was hers and everything in it was hers.

My hands were tied above my head and Miss Silver stood over making me lick the soles of her boots. She delighted in the dirt I was forced to lick. Then I was trampled, used as her ashtray, choked, nipples teased continuously and facesat. My cock and balls were trampled under her heels. It really was an amazing session. Especially great was being fully wrapped in the body bag and tied spread eagled at her mercy. I literally was on the edge for the whole of the session. The session finished with me gratifying myself as Miss Silver peed on me. A delightful experience.

The session was excellent and I highly recommend Mistress Silver. I can't wait for our next session.

Slave N.

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Posted on 12th September 2017


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