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24th September 2017


I have had submissive desires for as long as I can remember but never acted upon them. A mix of confusion and shame had dogged me all my life and it took me the longest time before I plucked up the courage to seek out a dominatrix. I had never been tied up, spanked or whipped, I had never kissed a woman’s boots before, let alone been taken by a strapon. That was until the day I surrendered to Mistress Silver.


After a cordial email correspondence and a delightful phone conversation, I felt a great deal more comfortable about my decision. To appeal to her magical sensibilities and my naive inexperience, I suggested the session take the form of an occult initiation ceremony. I wanted to offer myself to her and try and prove myself a worthy slave. She was more than happy to oblige.


Booking some weeks in advance, she had suggested I practice some daily meditation with two specific tarot cards. This was surprisingly informative and helped me slow down, focus, and explore my being as a submissive. As the day approached, however, my excitement grew until my nerves almost got the better of me.


When I first arrived at the House Du Croix, Mistress Silver greeted me at the door. Resplendent in black latex, stockings and thigh high boots, she was a sight to behold. Petite, classically beautiful and full of grace in her movement. She led me through to a small reception area where we had agreed to spend a few minutes to discuss the session. As she briefly left to make us tea, I could hear that the house was bustling with activity. Soft music, footsteps, the clicking of high heels and the faint, but unmistakable sound of flesh being whipped. Sitting alone I felt as timid as a mouse. Upon her return, we talked and she tempered my nerves. I cannot stress enough the warmth and compassion she displayed in making me feel at ease. After a short while, we moved into the room and the session began.


Kneeling naked before her, I recited a prayer of supplication, offering myself to the goddess and requesting to be tested. I was then permitted to kiss the Mistress’s boots, sealing my fate. There was no turning back. Stealing glances of her face, all trace of geniality was gone. I was now at the mercy of a strict disciplinarian in total control.


Next, I was wrapped in tape, hands at my side, my sight restricted, my genitals and nipples exposed. The table I lay on became her alter as I was anointed by an amazing tease and sensory play. Heat, Ice, the sharpness of a pinwheel and her own delicate hands, every moment of her touch was exquisite.


From the table to the whipping bench I was then to ensure my first bout of corporal punishment. Warming up my behind with a vigorous spanking, she would move through various implements, increasing in intensity. Between rounds, she would occasionally drape herself over my back in a perfect mix of kindness and cruelty. At one point, in a pause from the action, I was able to just let go and found myself in such a wonderful state of bliss. However, I was quickly brought down to earth due to the terrific escalation of force. She really burst the bubble of my bravado as the pain increased. I remember thinking “Yeah, I can take it pretty well”. Then she stepped it up a notch with the paddle and then the cane and I was truly tested. It was glorious to feel so owned, my muscles tensing and pulling against my restraints. I was so grateful for being pushed to right up my limit and in awe of her skill in taking me there.


After the beating, the familiar, delicate contact returned. Only this time it was gloved, lubricated and probing. Before I knew it, I was at the mercy of her strapon. With a great deftness of touch, I was opened up, slowly accepting the extension of her will. The sensation was wonderful, both physically and mentally. I could not have been more vulnerable, yet I felt so secure. I was her toy, her plaything and this was where I belonged.


Once she had her fill of me, I was made to stand upright in the centre of the room. From behind, I could feel soft leather being fastened around my neck. My heart soared as I was told I had done well and earned my collar. I was reborn. Finally, Mistress sat, removed her boots and as a reward, she allowed me to kneel and kiss her perfect feet. The ideal end to a magnificent experience.


A day later I had time to reflect and compose my thoughts. Seeing myself in the mirror, I truly loved the marks she had left on my backside. The way they looked and felt gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment. I considered them a precious gift and began to feel sad that they were healing. It was like watching a snowman melt. Yet, I know I'll get them back soon enough. I need to live up to the privilege of my collar. I need to push myself further. Mistress Silver has opened my mind to a world full of possibilities and I can't thank her enough for it. Gone are all thoughts of confusion and shame. Instead, I hold a powerful secret that gives me strength and clarity.


I serve at the pleasure of a goddess.

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Posted on 24th September 2017


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