What My subs say about Me...

“An exceptional woman.” M.W

“Thank you sincerely for this evening. It was transcendental for me and parts of me are still ringing.” L

“It was a fabulous afternoon yesterday...I’m emotionally depleted and it feels sensational, thank you! You’re my most treasured secret...” W

“Mistress Silver, Before I disappear off on holiday I wanted to drop you a brief mail to thank you for the incredible inpromptu session I had with you this afternoon. The strap-on play was wonderful, but the fisting was breathtaking. In my time I've been with many women, quite a few men, and pushed all sorts of personal boundaries but I have never experienced anything quite like that - it was possibly the most intimate thing I've ever done and it felt incredible. You are as skilled and talented as you are beautiful and I thank you for such an amazing session.” G

“Thank you for an amazing session. I absolutely loved the vac bed and really enjoyed your strapon. I'll have to come back again.” M

“Thank you so much for the session today, from the information I gave you I think you did an excellent job with me... You looked stunning, great outfit, all I would wish for in somebody who was going to beat me... Beautiful legs. The teasing you do is superb... Real privilege and thrill to take my cum off your thigh with my lips – highlight!” R.D

“It was a pleasure to meet you on New Year's Day. Great way to start the year. Sensory overload! Pain and pleasure! I have a new found respect for ballerinas!... Difficult to process how such dainty feet can be a turn-on yet inflict such crippling pain!” B

“Thanks for Thursday – you definitely hit the spot with your fist!!” P

“Thanks for a great session. You always look beautiful in your photos on Twitter and in real life. It’s the attractiveness and dominance of you that does it for me. You are intriguing. Both intelligent and naughty. A dangerous combination. I look forward to sesing your beautiful smiling face when you greet me at the door.”  PC

“Thank you, that was quite excellent...the fact that you were tactile when I was in agony was something that worked so well...it was almost like someone helping you up who’d tripped you over... beautifully applied...” I

“Thank you Mistress. I LOVED that! Hope I did OK? Your kicks are hard! Being kicked in the balls by you was the best thing ever, plus I got to meet you which made it one of the best days ever.” MMS

“I very much enjoyed meeting you for the first time yesterday. You took excellent account of my prior but not extensive experience and my stated likes and dislikes.  Accordingly, your physical and bondage play were really well-judged.  Your role play improvisation was highly convincing, reflecting I guess your performance background.  As you said, it went in some unexpected directions, which is always fun.  Altogether the session was just what I was looking for. Although I am not local to Bristol I would certainly like to have another session some time.” KT 


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